Mental Wellness

Reduce Anxiety, Depression, and Insomnia. Maintain a Positive Mood and Optimal Mental Performance!

Like most people, you want to be able to have a clear head – an absence of brain fog – and the ability to be as focused as you need to be.

You want to be able to overcome depression, anxiety, and insomnia, and maintain a positive, uplifted mood. Who doesn’t want that?!

Unfortunately, millions of people are suffering with mood disorders that are sabotaging their mental health wellness, keeping them from living a happy, fulfilling, and purposeful life, especially in these very stressful times we live in.

Thankfully, there are answers that are safe, harmless, and very effective for improving mood and mental performance.

Below I provide you with some resources and information to immediately help you start turning the corner on your mental wellbeing.

Of course, getting a thorough individual assessment and a personalized program is best to start a journey back to achieving your highest state of mental and emotional wellness.

Where would you say you are on this Mental Wellness Continuum?

Most of the time low mood, anxiety, and sleep issues are caused or aggravated by stress, chemical imbalances, and other influences. It’s important to measure neurotransmitters – the chemistry of mood, sleep, energy, and stress tolerance – through a simple, accurate urine test. It’s also important to measure adrenal function because the adrenals are among the most important glands, helping us adapt to stress. Adrenal function is best tested through a salivary collection measuring DHEA and cortisol levels.

Our gut makes more of the key neurotransmitters – chemicals of mood – that help us maintain mood and be stress-resilient than our brain does!

It’s vital to restore gut function and use proven dietary supplements and lifestyle factors to enhance your 3 brains to coordinate for optimal mental wellness. Balancing neurotransmitters and adrenal function are also key pieces to lowering stress, optimizing energy, enhancing mood, and promoting proper sleep.

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