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Very concerned, knowledgeable, and comprehensive
Joint pain, sleeplessness, stomach and gut. Todd has provided genuine care for many years, I let life distract me and have recently returned to his care, following his protocol is the best thing I could do for myself and have recommended him to many family members and friends. I highly recommend Todd to anyone with health issues.

Martha M Feb 13, 2020
Customer since May 2015

Always professional, kind and compassionate!
I have worked with Todd on and off for many years. He is always kind and helpful and listens closely. I appreciate that is very well educated and can narrow in on the main issues quickly. He also doesn't suggest a lot of unnecessary and costly tests. He has an eye on the larger health issues while making sure it's affordable for me. I so appreciate that!

Darci Meyers Feb 8, 2020
Customer since Jun 2014

Learning to deal with it
I've been seeing Todd for about 6 months. I was very uneducated about gut issues when I first saw him. I've had to learn what I can and cannot eat in order to get on with my life. Todd has helped me by sending links, by always explaining his process, by making sure I understand testing procedures. His help has been enormous. He even found something in a multi-vitamin I was taking that contained something that was making me sick. I stopped taking it and feel so much better.

Nancy Smith Feb 7, 2020
Customer since Jul 2019

Life changing
I have been using Todd for gut, low energy and headache issues. He has been wonderful! I have more energy and don't need naps every day. Also, I have far fewer headaches. My quality of life hasn't been this good since I was a teenager!

Robin B Jan 19, 2020
Customer since Aug 2019

Can't say enough ...
What a huge difference my treatments with Todd have made to my overall well being. I can now live a normal life and look forward to his help with some other health issues.

Pat P Jan 4, 2020
Customer since Oct 2018

Best Naturopath in the world!
Todd has looked after both my wife and me for nearly 30 years, and we are so grateful for his insight and support. He has an amazing depth of knowledge of health and medical conditions, and the natural approaches and remedies suitable to address them. Praise Todd!

Jim Frasche Dec 6, 2019
Customer since Jan 2017

Great Introduction to Wellness
The doctor and staff were so accommodating and helpful! I feel like we are partners in health and I am on the right track after just one appointment. They were even kind and helpful when I was running late.

Paula M Dec 2, 2019
Customer since Nov 2019

Genuine, Insightful and Effective
After years of coping with gastrointestinal issues that continued to get worse I was referred to Todd. He listened, suggested tests that would get to the root cause of my health issues and started me on supplements. During the year I've been seeing Todd he has changed the treatment plan as needed. I know what to do if I start to go off course and am now back to enjoying life. Todd's treatment has made a very positive change in my health.

Pat Pierson Nov 28, 2019
Customer since Oct 2018

Returning to a good friend and health guide
I returned to see Todd after over a decade or more. Todd was a remarkable health guide when I came to see him years ago and I decided, as I've grown older, to return to hear Todd's insight and receive his guidance for optimal health at this time in my life. He is an excellent listener, gleaning through information and providing insights. I already started following his recommendations and feel more energetic. Todd is the best, well rounded, empathetic health coach for anyone at any age.

Barb M Nov 26, 2019
Customer since Nov 2019

Broad and deep knowledge
I have been a client of Todd's for many years and highly recommend him to others. I have brain and digestive issues, as well as sensitivity to many food and airborne allergens. Todd has guided me very well over these years to improve my health dramatically from our first visit. He guides me with supplements and life style changes. He also supports me with my other care givers, contrary to many medical practitioners. He has also helped other family members. I

Kathy R Oct 23, 2019
Customer since Oct 2015

Compassionate & Knowledgeable
Todd was very compassionate and knowledgeable. I felt heard and I believe there will be some type of resolution to the issue I have had.

Kristine Bockerman Oct 3, 2019
Customer since Oct 2019

Caring as always
I'm so glad I came back to Todd to work on my health and weight issues. I realized that over these many years, he is the one who has helped me get great results! He listens well and has put me back on track.

Diane Dandeneau Sep 4, 2019
Customer since Mar 2014

Todd great help
Todd has helped me get back on track with being healthier. Eating right again, and the shakes are very helpful

Debbie N Aug 28, 2019
Customer since Jul 2016

Highly recommend Todd
After seeing three doctors for a gut issue, I was a little skeptical when making an appointment with Todd. But I was on board after 10 minutes. He listens, is very caring, and has a vast knowledge of the body and what is needed. I want my life back and now have a plan to do just that.

Nancy Smith Aug 3, 2019
Customer since Jul 2019

I was very pleased with my initial consultation with Todd.
Todd was very patient and really listened . I look forward to working with Todd toward my health improvement. Thank you Valerie .You were also very helpful,

Rose Marie B Aug 3, 2019
Customer since Jul 2019

Great Job!
I appreciated the support given to me by Todd....he was very thorough and understanding! There were some scheduling issues but they were entirely my fault.

Nancy D Jul 15, 2019
Customer since Jun 2019