Creating Your New Normal Detoxification Program:

A 10 Day Program to Revitalize Your Health and Your Life!

Taught by Todd Nelson, D.Sc., Naturopath


About the Program!



Michelle Remakel

This was my first time trying a cleanse. The product was effective and tasted pretty good. I had very few issues with hunger. I lost 4-5 lbs during and have been able to maintain the healthier eating. I learned a great deal from Todd's informative Zoom calls about the importance of clean eating for gut health. I plan to do this twice per year.


 John Tokarski

My wife and I enjoyed the 10 day detoxification program sponsored by the Tree Of Life Wellness Center, Todd Nelson, Naturopath. It was a great experience and we plan to do this program at least twice a year. Getting on Track with a diet and nutritional program that meets my needs, I will be making another appointment with Todd very soon. Thank you Todd for your time in sponsoring the 10 day detox program and I am looking forward to visiting with you soon.


Katherine Apel

This experience was wonderful. Todd Nelson did a wonderful job of providing the information and support we needed to complete the cleanse successfully. Thank you Todd. I have been a patient of his and had the same experience.

Benefits you can create include:

- Jump start weight loss for Summer
- Boost your immunity
- Recharge your energy
- Reduce inflammation and Pain
- Overcome digestive and gut issues
- Reset clean eating
- Reduce chronic disease risk

Welcome to Creating Your New Normal Detoxification Program, a 10 Day Program to transform your health and your life!

2020 has been a wild year with a pandemic, lockdown, and a tanked economy. This is a very challenging time! And life won’t be returning to “normal” any time soon.

You’re probably feeling the stress and maybe your health habits have suffered. Maybe you’ve gained some weight, or worse, you’re sick, fatigued and are suffering with some sort of symptoms.

Well, this is a perfect time to make a commitment to creating YOUR NEW NORMAL! And that new normal can be a much higher level of wellness than you are now experiencing, or perhaps have ever experienced! In just 10 days you could have BIG breakthroughs as proven by past programs I’ve taught to thousands of people.

Why not take advantage of the time at home and do a program that can powerfully reset your metabolism and actually increase your well-being during this stressful time?!

For almost 4 decades I’ve expertly guided thousands of people through safe, clinically-research detoxification programs with great success! Detox programs can be life-changing!

That’s why I’m offering the Creating Your New Normal online group detox program - to actually INCREASE YOUR WELLNESS while being mostly at home utilizing my expert guidance and the support of an online group!

This is a very doable, uncomplicated program with clear instructions and hours of live support from me - all for less than an office visit! You’ll also be receiving daily support emails.


John Tokarski

I am glad I found the Tree Of Life Wellness Center and Meeting Todd Nelson. I will always recommend to others that are seeking natural health services.

The program starts with the first instructional webinar on the evening of September 24th!

Class Dates:

September 21st, 7 PM MDT

Sept 24th, 7 PM MDT

Sept 28th, 7 PM MDT

October 1st, 7 PM MDT



Cost of the program: Normally $350 for hours of instruction time, NOW, CLASS TIME IS BY DONATION! You will be asked what level of donation you want to contribute when you sign up.


Cost of medical food detoxification product kits: 20% off of $119.50 for first-time customers =$96.50 + tax. Free shipping! (If you are a client or previous client of mine we cannot extend the discount) You’ll be receiving an instruction booklet.


My staff will promptly reach out to you and get you signed up!

I am SO excited to meet you and guide you through this powerful detoxification program!! Get ready to create YOUR NEW NORMAL!!